Order fresh produce, groceries and all of your household needs online !

Meats - cheeses - bakery - juices - cereals - snacks - hygiene - household

Order fresh produce, groceries and all of your household needs online !

Jumia Fresh Uganda is your local online supermarket and grocery store. We carry farm fresh produce, high quality meats and cheeses, fresh dairy and bakery items, and every item you would visit a store to buy. We deliver these items to your door, either by scheduled delivery or on demand. As soon as the items can be collected and taken to your door is as soon as you will receive them!
Our goal is to provide a pleasant shopping experience. No traffic, no lines, and top-notch customer service. We are available via email, phone, Whatsapp (?) and web chat. Our goal is to reduce congestion of Kampala traffic and save you the time, money and headache of shopping at multiple shops. We carry everything you need, brought to your doorstep. Jumia Fresh Kampala guarantees your purchases! If you are not happy with the quality of the items, we will take them back. If there is a problem with an item, we will replace it.
We respect your time. We will meet you when and where it is most convenient for you. If there is any discrepancy regarding delivery time or item availability, we will call you.

What Do We Carry?
Our goal is to be the entire shopping cart. To that effect, we supply fresh produce, dairy and meats. We carry all types of beverages, household items and hygiene products. We have baby items, and even pet supplies. From diapers to deli meats, from candy to cardamom, from tomatoes to Tusker - we have it all!
If there is something you wish to buy that we do not carry, let us know what it is and if it is possible we will add it.

Can I Trust your Products?
We take great effort to bring you the best products found in Uganda. We ensure that produce items are fresh. We only provide safe meat and dairy items, kept in a controlled environment whenever applicable.
If there is any question about the products we deliver, let us know and we will refund or replace the items.

What Are Our Prices Like?
Whenever possible, we retain similar prices to those found in retail stores. We negotiate with vendors as much as possible to pass on fair prices to you.
In cases where items require special handling, we may add a small fee to the retail price. For example, when we receive fresh meats, we keep them in a cooler from the moment they are received until they are delivered to your residence. This adds value to your product, and guarantees the best quality items are delivered to your door.

Where Do We Get the Products?
We source fresh produce directly from local farms and manage the inventory ourselves. We use Quality Cuts for our butchery items. We get alcohol and other items directly from the wholesaler wherever possible. We use local outlets such as Shoprite and Game for any unique items that are not in stock.

How Do We Do It?
We minimize our overhead costs. We operate as efficiently as possible to reduce expenditures. Whether you order one item or 100, the delivery fee is the same.

Where do we deliver?
We serve the greater Kampala area, extending as far as Entebbe. We deliver to your house or your office. In fact, we are happy to supply all of your break room needs.